JD Weeks

Short Biography



JD Weeks has lived in the Birmingham, Alabama area for over 76 years.  He retired nineteen years ago from Public Health Administration.  He has a BA in Urban Affairs and an MPA in Public Administration from UAB; and an ABD in the Public Administration Doctoral Program at the University of Alabama.  He is a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society, Gamma Omicron Chapter at the University of Alabama.


He is Chief of the Shawano Band of the Appalachian Shawnee Tribe.  The Shawano Band includes Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, and the southern part of Tennessee.


His love of history and genealogy has resulted in numerous publications.  An avid postcard collector, he has over 60,000 postcards in his personal collection.  He also collects old books, maps, and any type of memorabilia that you can imagine.  He belongs to many historical and genealogical societies, and numerous other organizations.  He currently has over 35,000 entries in his genealogy database.


He loves to spend time with his nine grandsons and one granddaughter, and hopes to interest them in some of his activities so that perhaps some of them will continue his work.